the obiter


The Obiter is the UQLS’ best, and only, online satirical news publication. Written by law students, for anyone, about anything, it takes aim at anything that it possibly can. Intriguingly, The Obiter was founded by George Brandis in the 1970s as a serious analysis and opinion publication. However, since The Obiter’s switch to being comedy-focused, we have avoided analysis and opinion like the Black Death; the greatest sin of an Obiter article is to be serious. Law can be an oft-dry and heavy degree, and it’s worthwhile seizing any opportunities you can to lighten up. If Australian Crawl had written a song about The Obiter, it would be called ‘The Boys Lighten Up,’ – of course, lightening up is not limited to ‘the boys,’ it is freely accessible and encouraged for all who wish to lighten.

Ultimately, if you have any interest in comedy, politics, sports, life, law, and Australiana, there will be an Obiter article for you. Equally, if you wish to get involved, we desperately encourage articles and ideas. Message our Facebook page with an idea if you have one, and if you wish to join our writing team on a more consistent basis, email us at

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