In amongst the textbooks, learning guides, cases and clutters of course notes, the UQLS offers a variety of publications aimed at helping you progress your way through a law degree at UQ. Each publication is an invaluable resource for a specific area of your law studies, be it careers, courses or creativity.

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The First Year Guide
The First Year Guide provides incoming students with all the tips and tricks to starting their law degree at UQ.

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Education Guide
The Education Guide is the go-to resource for any law student curious about the courses available at UQ. It is based on content collated from lecturers and fellow students, covering every course available in 2019. The guide includes course summaries, assessment ps, recommended study techniques and general feedback. Look to the guide for advice on which courses to study, and what to expect from them. Check it out early in the semester if you want an idea of what to expect from your first-year courses such as Contracts, Foundations of Law and Principles of Public Law.


Raise the Bar
Raise the Bar is the competitions handbook and provides an overview of the internal, external and intervarsity law competitions you can participate in to add to and improve your legal education. It contains comprehensive guides for each competition, as well as relevant dates, dress codes, testimonials and example problems.


Legal Directions
Directions is the UQLS’s career guide. It provides an overview of the career options available to UQ law students, including  firm profiles and career advice. It’s never too early to start preparing for your legal future. Legal Directions is sure to provide you with some insightful and useful information for your career search.

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Clerkship Guide
When it is  me to prepare your clerkship applications, the Clerkship Guide provides you with essential clerkship information, including firm profiles, important deadlines and helpful tips and guides for your application.


Res Ipsa
After exams are long gone and another semester seems to be floating by without much to show for it, it can be nice to reminisce about all the good memories we had in the last year. Res Ipsa is the UQLS yearbook, providing a lasting memento of the many hours spent at UQ for graduating students. It also functions as a way for members of the Society’s Executive to recap the events of the past year and talk about any challenges or opportunities it may be facing in the future.

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The Obiter

The Obiter is the UQLS’ best, and only, online satirical news publication. Written by law students, for anyone, about anything, it takes aim at anything that it possibly can. Intriguingly, The Obiter was founded by George Brandis in the 1970s as a serious analysis and opinion publication. However, since The Obiter’s switch to being comedy-focused, we have avoided analysis and opinion like the Black Death; the greatest sin of an Obiter article is to be serious. Law can be an oft-dry and heavy degree, and it’s worthwhile seizing any opportunities you can to lighten up. If Australian Crawl had written a song about The Obiter, it would be called ‘The Boys Lighten Up,’ – of course, lightening up is not limited to ‘the boys,’ it is freely accessible and encouraged for all who wish to lighten.

Ultimately, if you have any interest in comedy, politics, sports, life, law, and Australiana, there will be an Obiter article for you. Equally, if you wish to get involved, we desperately encourage articles and ideas. Message our Facebook page with an idea if you have one, and if you wish to join our writing team on a more consistent basis, email us at