A moot is a simulated court proceeding. Taking on the role of Counsel, competitors present submissions with the goal of convincing the bench that their side of the case has the surer legal footing. Only a single problem is released per competition, so while strong public speaking skills and the ability to think on your feet are valuable, a comprehensive understanding of the relevant legal principles acquired through thorough research will more often carry the day.


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Why should I try Mooting?

Mooting is an excellent way to match wits with your peers in a competitive, yet friendly environment. The fundamentals of the competition — detailed research, compilation of well-reasoned arguments, and effective oral advocacy — are cornerstones of legal practice. Developing these abilities while working through fascinating, contentious areas of law will give you a head start in almost all of your courses. Mooting also offers a great chance to work together with your friends, to get to know other people in your cohort, and to engage with older law students. With the law school seeking participants for a number major external moots every year, entering the internal competitions can open important doors that will truly enrich your university experience.