There are two types of subcommittees:

  1. Those that support a portfolio generally; and

  2. Those that have specific responsibilities.

The two portfolios with subcommittees who generally support them are:

  1. The socials portfolio; and

  2. The sports portfolio.

The subcommittees with specific functions are:

  1. The Equity Advisory Board, which makes recommendations to the UQLS Management Committee and the TC Beirne School of Law about inclusivity and diversity;

  2. The Wellness Subcommittee, which implements and builds upon the Wellness and Diversity Report;

  3. The Obiter Subcommittee, which assists the Obiter Editor-in-Chief in creating content for the UQLS’ satirical publication Obiter;

  4. The Queensland Intervarsity Competitions Subcommittee, which assists the Vice-President of Competitions in running the Queensland Intervarsity Competitions; and

  5. The Education Board, which represents the student body on educational matters.