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Foundations of Law (LAWS1111/LAWS1700)

LAWS1700 Notes

Contributed by Elloise Campbell

Contracts II (LAWS2112/LAWS1702)

LAWS1702 Notes

LAWS1702 Notes II

Contributed by Kaitlyn Scarcella

LAWS1702 Notes III

Contributed by Zoe Batiste

LAWS2112 Notes

LAWS2112 Notes II

LAWS2112 Notes III

LAWS2112 Notes (Case summaries)

Public Law (LAWS1115/LAWS1703)

LAWS1703 Notes

Contributed by Elloise Campbell

Torts II (LAWS1114/LAWS2703)

LAWS2703 Notes

Contributed by Tian Behenna

Trusts I (LAWS3113/LAWS2704)

LAWS3113 Notes

Contributed by Sophia Pruim

Trusts II (LAWS3114/LAWS2705)

LAWS3114 Notes

Property Law I (LAWS3111/2706)

LAWS2706 Notes

LAWS2706 Notes II

Contributed by Sophia Pruim

LAWS2706 Notes (Mid-Semester)

Property Law II (LAWS3112/2707)

LAWS3112 Notes

Constitutional Law (LAWS1116/3700)

LAWS1116 Notes (Mid-Semester)

Administrative Law (LAWS2115/3701)

LAWS2115 Notes

Corporate Law (LAWS4112/3702)

LAWS4112 Notes

LAWS4112 Notes II

Public International Law (LAWS5154/LAWS3705)

LAWS5154 Notes

Law of Evidence (LAWS5216/LAWS4700)

LAWS5216 — Answer Plans

Contributed by Georgie Bills

LAWS5216 — Final notes

Contributed by Georgie Bills

Civil Procedure (LAWS5215/LAWS4701)

LAWS5215 Notes — Answer Plans

Contributed by Georgie Bills

Private International Law (LAWS5153)

LAWS5153 Notes

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