2019 Management Committee

President - Magdeline Hawkins

Email: president@uqls.com

Deputy President - Henry Bretz

Email: deputypresident@uqls.com

Secretary - Julius Moller

Email: secretary@uqls.com

Treasurer - Elizabeth Brown

Email: treasurer@uqls.com

Vice-President (Careers) - Georgie Bills

Email: vpcareers@uqls.com

Vice-President (Design & Communications) - Emma Kendall

Email: vpdesignandcommunications@uqls.com

Vice-President (Diversity & Wellbeing) - Martin Doyle

Email: vpdiversityandwellbeing@uqls.com

Vice-President (Education) - Michelle Brown

Email: vpeducation@uqls.com

Vice-President (External Competitions) - Katelyn Lamont

Email: vpexternalcompetitions@uqls.com

Vice-President (Internal Competitions) - Sophia Pruim

Email: vpinternalcompetitions@uqls.com

Vice-President (L Card) - Anna Kretowicz

Email: vplcard@uqls.com

Vice-President (Socials) - Joel Townsley

Email: vpsocials@uqls.com

Vice-President (Sponsorship) - Sean Tran

Email: vpsponsorship@uqls.com

Vice-President (Sport) - Julia Egarr

Email: vpsport@uqls.com

2019 Executive


Careers Officers - Tooru Nishido and Lillian Burgess

Email: careers@uqls.com

Design & Communications

Content Officer - Madison Smith

Design Officers - Luisa Baucia and Laura Nicholls

Email: designandcommunications@uqls.com

Diversity & Wellbeing

Diversity & Wellbeing Officers - Thomas Choo and Phoebe Frederick

Email: diversityandwellbeing@uqls.com

First Year Officer - Kurt Munckton

Email: firstyearofficer@uqls.com

Graduate & International Officer - Yana Wu

Email: graduateandinternationalofficer@uqls.com


Education Officers - Jasmine Chin and Wilson Poon

Email: education@uqls.com

Internal Competitions

Internal Competitions Officers - Elloise Campbell, Caitlin Holmes and Adam Lukacs

Email: internalcompetitions@uqls.com

L Card

L Card Officers - Zoe Batiste and Aisling O'Kane

Email: lcard@uqls.com

Law Revue

Law Revue Convenor - Lachlan Glaves

Email: lawrevueconvenor@uqls.com

The Obiter

Obiter Editor-in-Chief - Joseph Dwyer

Email: obitereditor@uqls.com


Social Officers - Katerina Burtaev and Mia Campbell

Email: socials@uqls.com


Sponsorship Officer - Grace Vipen

Email: sponsorship@uqls.com


Social Sport Officers - Lochlan Cooke and Zara Crane Simmons

Email: socialsports@uqls.com

Sporting Events Officer - Alex Moore

Email: sportingevents@uqls.com

A list of past presidents may be found here.