Social Sport

The UQLS organises a number of social sport teams to play in the UQ Sport competitions. This includes netball, soccer, touch football, indoor soccer, basketball, and dodgeball. We take expressions of interest at the start of every semester, so make sure you like the UQLS Sport Facebook page to stay up to date.

7-a-Side Soccer

Torts Illustrated (Sunday Mixed)

The Senate (Sunday Mixed)

Order 66 (Sunday Mens)

Indoor Soccer

Title Deeds (Thursday Mens)

Water Polo

Law and Water: UQLS (Sunday Mixed)


Vexatious Actions (Monday Mixed)

The Indefeasibles (Wednesday Mixed)

Carbolic Smoke Balls (Thursday Mixed)

No Win No Fee (Sunday Mixed)


Injurious Basterds (Monday Mixed)

Touch Football

Guilty as Touched (Monday Mixed)

Jurisprudes (Wednesday Mixed)

Reasonable Force (Wednesday Mixed)


Shooting Stars (Wednesday Mixed)

T.C. Beirne-Outs (Wednesday Mixed)