UQLS Office Hours

10am-2pm Monday – Friday during semester

Got a question for a specific portfolio? Come along to an appropriate roster time:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Vice-President of Education
  • Junior Moot Convenor
  • Vice-President of Publications and Marketing
  • Publications and Marketing Officers
  • Obiter Editor-In-Chief
  • Careers and Sponsorship Officers
  • Education Officer
  • Law Revue Convenor
  • Secretary
  • L Card and Socials Convenor
  • Education Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-President of Competitions
  • Witness Examination and Senior Moot Convenor
  • Junior Negotiation Convenor
  • Vice-President and Officer of Equity
  • Vice-President and Convenors of Sport
  • Vice-President and Officer of L Card and Socials
  • International & Graduate Students’ Officer
  • 1st/2nd Year Students’ Officer
  • President

Prefer to email? Use one of the specific portfolio addresses below or our general address at info@uqls.com:

President president@uqls.com
Secretary secretary@uqls.com
Treasurer treasurer@uqls.com
Education education@uqls.com
(including First & Second Year Students’ Officer and
International and Graduates’ Students’ Officer)

Careers and Sponsorship sponsorship@uqls.com
L Card and Socials socials@uqls.com
Sports sport@uqls.com
Competitions competitions@uqls.com
Publications and Marketing
(IT and Webmaster)
Obiter Editor-in-Chief obiter@uqls.com
Law Revue lawrevue@uqls.com