The University of Queensland Law Society Incorporated (UQLS) is constituted for the primary aim of promoting, fostering and safeguarding the interests of law students at the TC Beirne School of Law. This history can be traced back to 1936, when an enthusiastic team fronted by Sir Harry Gibbs, former Chief Justice of Australia, founded the society.

To this day, the UQLS strives to promote excellence in both teaching and learning, and to assist in providing members the best university experience possible. This is achieved through the delegation of the activities of the Society across seven key portfolios; Careers & Sponsorship, Competitions, Education, Equity, L Card & Socials, Publications and Sports.

In 2015, the UQLS was the largest student society at the University of Queensland, with a membership database extending across all faculties on campus. Even with membership reaching 7000 members in recent years, the UQLS still maintains a dominant focus of the representation of all law students.